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funding for this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> confusion in america, a fury in the muslim world.
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the controversy over burning copies of the koran. the pastor -- canceling the stunt or not -- either way, the criticism keeps coming. >> i'm glad he has put this on hold at least. >> welcome to gmt. i am stephen sacker with a world of news. a gas leak is suspected for a fire in san francisco. the start of the old met long distance challenge. running across america to honor fallen comrades. it is midday in london, early evening in kabul, and in
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washington, they're just waking up to the news that international theory has not been calmed the possibility that the stunt may be off. in northern afghanistan, about 150 protesters. three were wounded. shots were fired by private security guards. our correspondent has been following the latest developments. >> pastor terry jones is the man in the eye of the storm. a week ago, few people have heard of his tiny church in gainesville, florida. his threat to burn copies of the koran has led to a confusing sequence of events. linked to arguments over the location of an islamic cultural center near ground zero in new york. >> he said they would move the mosque. as of right now, we have put a temporary hold upon our plan.
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>> some of the first protests abroad were in afghanistan, where america has more than 70,000 troops deployed. demonstrators vented their anger. the president of afghanistan said he hopes the plan will not go ahead. >> the koran is in the hearts and minds of all muslims, said president karzai. the affront is a humiliation to its people. >> the secretary-general welcomed the latest announcement from pastor jones in florida. >> i'm happy to see that he has put this terrible act on hold at least. >> is a very disrespectful back. i urge all people to demonstrate clear respect for other people's faith.
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>> after friday prayers in jerusalem, muslim protesters mounted a demonstration outside the mosque. in the space of a few days, this extraordinary story from small- town america has fueled a media frenzy and reverberated right around the world. america marks the anniversary of 9/11, the obama administration wants to reassure the muslim world that the war against al- qaeda is not an assault on its lslam. >> what exactly is going on? let's stick to our correspondent in washington, james reynolds. pastor jones is waking up this morning with the eyes of the world upon him. >> by the end of yesterday, he was looking almost as confused as everyone else. the official opposition, as far as we can work it out is this -- he has suspended his koran
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burning event. he says he has not cancelled it for good. >> it seems to me that the white house and the obama administration had invested an enormous amount of political capital in getting pastor jones to make sure this does not go ahead. it is a dangerous move in a way. >> it was a highly risky move. there's one school of thought that as they would have not raised attention, this would have quietly gone ahead without anyone noticing. i think the white house realize that there was one camera filming the event, the video would be out there and the white house would be asked if they knew about this and why they did not try to stop it. general petraeus, hillary clinton, president obama, and even the secretary of defense called pastor jones directly to tell them this would be a very bad idea. >> from the point of view of the islamic center in manhattan and the people behind the project,
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is there any sign they're prepared to make moves in the coming hours to try to diffuse this? >> they have said that the are not -- they said they're not moving the proposed center. the imam in charge says he has not had any contact with the pastor. >> how is the american public viewing this? we have seen polls that the public has real reservations about the mosque and the islamic center being built. now there's such confusion around this whole story. >> i have not seen any definitive opinion polls. i will tell you this. we have not found any support for his plans to burn up koran. i have been in washington speaking to american tourists. everyone i spoke to condemn the the plan. they thought that burning
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korans was a really bad idea because it would come back to haunt americans. >> there is no way under the u.s. constitution that he can be stopped. >> that is perhaps the key point. america is not a country where you can just go and arrest someone for this. the first amendment says freedom of expression is protected, however painful that expression may be. >> james reynolds in washington, thank you very much. you will be informed on developments. firefighters in california are still battling to contain fires in the hills near sampras's go. they've been started by it was thought to be a gas blast near the airport. stephanie has this report. >> an entire neighborhood engulfed by fire. houses swallowed in flames.
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this town was rocked by huge explosions in its early evening. authorities do not yet know what caused the fire. this is a highly populated california suburb. they suspect a ghastly. as the flames went as high as 60 feet into the air, fire fighters struggled to cope. the tremendous heat of the inferno was almost overwhelming . eyewitnesses describe many who escaped as badly burned. with smoke clogging the skies, officials have told pilots to land planes. as the flames begin to listen, revealing the skeleton of homes left behind, questions about the cause of the fire remained unanswered. >> president karzai has called on the taliban to stop fighting and join afghanistan's peace
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process. in the speech marking the eid holiday, he urged the taliban leader to stop causing casualties. of the somali coast, they managed to regain control, rescue the crew, and save nine prisoners without firing a shot. the japanese government says more than 230,000 people listed as still being alive and would be over 100 years old now are unaccounted for. officials say some of the missing may have died as long ago as the second world war. three pakistani cricketers accused of involvement in a betting scam are preparing to fly home from the u.k. the three, salman butt, mohammad asif, and mohammad amir, have
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not been charged by british police. in the last couple of hours, they left the hotel in central london to catch a plane to islamabad. they say they will come back to britain if the detectives asked them to. an adviser with the team made this statement. >> of the three pakistan cricketers, salman butt, mohammad asif, and mohammad amir, are now returning to pakistan. they have not been charged by the police with any offense. they have fully cooperated with the police into the inquiries and maintain that they are innocent of any alleged wrongdoing. they have agreed with the police to return to england if the police request them to do so. to further assist the police in their inquiry. ladies and gentlemen, i have no further comment to make.
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thank you very much. >> an exhibition at the palace on the outside of paris is raising eyebrows and surprising visitors. giant plastic cartoon characters have invaded the shadows rooms as part of an installation by japanese artists. >> unmistakably, the palace of versailles, but look again, and you will see an unexpected visitor. this is the artist's work. he seems at home at the court of louis xiv. >> the first impression was a little bit strange. i think it seems to be an alien. this is very interesting place
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for this figure. it is nice. >> inside, plastic sculptures and classical stone busts. nude floral carpets and dramatic centerpiece is. he is delighted to have this gilded backdrop for his ultra- modern art. >> to exhibit my work in such a wonderful place is something i really appreciate. it's more than i could afford. >> not everyone is a fan. there have been protests outside the palace gates. some of the tourists are not impressed. >> i did not come here to see this. if i wanted to see this -- >> maybe, just maybe, thinking
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himself who had quite an appetite for excess, would have approved. >> still to come on gmt, running for their injured comrades. they embark on a three and a half thousand mile jog across america. >> a major breakthrough in relations between serbia and cosikosovo may be within reach. the move opens the way for direct talks between the two sides. the first since kosovo declared independence in 2008. the >> four weeks, it had seemed a major diplomatic confrontation would take place. serbia had submitted a draft resolution, rejecting kosovo secession. the united states and the other members refuse to accept this,
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telling belgrade its own eu hopes would be jeopardized. belgrade agreed to change the text. the foreign minister of serbia presented the new document. >> the resolution welcomes the readiness of the european union to fulfilfacilitate. it would help to secure regional gains, reenforce strategic priorities, and improve the lives of the people on the ground. >> the resolution was unanimously accepted. this is a hugely important moment. serbia has given up its diplomatic fight for kosovo. belgrade says it will never recognize the unilateral secession, but it is ready for direct talks. the message from kosovserbia is that it will not allow the kosovo issue to obstruct its own eu hopes.
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>> the original resolution was correct, this man said. we must not lose kosovo. >> for the government, it's an attempt to move on. the beginning of the end of the kosovo problem. bbc news, belgrade. >> this is gmt on "bbc world news." the headlines -- a small american church has put on hold plans to burn copies of the koran. there has been violent protesting in afghanistan. a huge explosion and fire in san francisco has killed one person and destroyed more than 50 homes. now, business news, and some good news for countries exporting to china. >> we will talk about the united
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states. the word spacing president obama -- where is our jobs? the white house news conferences in a few hours. with the u.s. economy slowing and suffering from continued high unemployment, president obama is aiming at the sergeavo. he's already offered $50 million in infrastructure projects and plans for small businesses. republicans are winning back favors in political polls. the republicans and the critics argue that americans, even the rich, should get the same deal with the tax breaks. >> the american people are asking the question -- where are the jobs. here is the white house worrying about what i have got to say, instead of working together to get our economy going again and to get jobs back in america. until this uncertainty and spending is under control, i do not think these will have much
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impact. >> a couple of other stories. nokia has named to the senior microsoft executive stephen elop as its new chief executive and president. they're hoping he can help slumping profits and the eroding market share. is this the stephen elop and division had to leave microsoft in the last five months. -- stephen elop is the second division head to leave myself in the last five months. revised figures show growth was equivalent to 1.5%, which is opposed to the 0.4% estimate given last month agreed analys. as promised, let's talk about china. the country says there was a
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seaurge in imports in august. imports rose 35% from one year ago, certainly faster than the 24% expected figure. does mean that imports grew slightly faster than exports. the news follows a surprising contraction in the trade deficit in the u.s. in july. let's get more on this from the market strategist at cibc. there's no doubt china remains the factory floor of the globe. this pick up and terms of imports is good news for the rest of us, no? >> if yes, i think it is. what we need to see in terms of the improvement and global economic conditions over the medium term is those countries, global exporters of the world, need to reduce those imbalances.
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these numbers in terms of the imports suggest that china is holding up comparatively well. by definition, that would be better news for the global outlook. >> do you think they drop in the surplus number will boost beijing's argument on its currency? >> this will certainly help, and i think it is quite useful in this relatively politically charged atmosphere as we get into the u.s. midterm elections and discussions on capitol hill regarding currencies next week. we have seen a pullback in the trade surplus. also, it is notable that where the chinese currency is trading at against the u.s. dollar today is also at a lower level. it does seem as if the ducks are lining up to prevent or try to preclude a ramping up in trade fears, or in terms of rhetoric
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between the u.s. and china. >> thank you for your input. take a quick look at the markets. a good day in asia. you're looking at four-month highs of the back of the better than expected u.s. jobs numbers. any type of positive news that comes out of the world's largest economy certainly adds some benefit. it just does not work when you want. >> they're never there when you want them. thank you very much. how about this for an extreme physical challenge? running across america. the distance of 3.5000 miles. a team of six u.k. and u.s. marines setting off on this ultimate long distance run. remarkably, one on the team is a triple amputee who was blown up by a bomb while serving in afghanistan. they will run in a relay
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formation. our defense correspondent went to meet the team. >> he was the first triple amputee in the war and afghanistan to survive. he has set himself the biggest challenge yet, to run across america, raising money for other servicemen and women. >> i like challenging myself. it was two years ago. i could not even walk. it was just like anything else. you said yourself goals and build yourself up for things. they give myself a focus to push myself to achieve this. >> the idea for this multiple marathon across the state came from his friend. he is also taking part. he will be using a hand bike.
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>> i thought about it after watching the film, "forest gump ." i enjoyed it, as most people did. after that, i said, what an amazing idea. it was seeing him in the state that he was that made me kind of humbled. it was the first time i have ever seen anybody with a loss of limbs go through that. >> he will be aiming to cover at least 1 mile per day alongside his comrades. >> it's harder than people realize. i have to concentrate on every step that i take. as well as being physically draining, it is mentally
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draining as well. i always have to be thinking about what i'm doing and the next 10 steps i'm going to be taken. >> determination and a lot of pride. i'm representing the marines and england. there's no way i can stop. i'm just when to have to keep on pushing myself until we reach our goal. >> a muslim stonemason who spent nearly four decades helping to restore an ancient roman catholic cathedral has been immortalized as a winged gargoyle. many have welcomed the gesture as an attempt to foster better relations between christians and muslims in the city. not everybody agrees. >> in the middle ages, the
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builders of the great cathedrals used to amuse themselves with the fabulous appendages known as gargoyles. the tradition is very much alive here. workers on the renovation of the cathedral have decided to honor this man, the veteran mason, with this. maybe not a flattering light of this, but a clear expression of the general esteem of which he is held. as he puts it, it is a way of paying homage to him. it's an act of an acknowledgement. he is of course a muslim. this arabic inscription next to the gargoyle, "god is great" for a kristikrchristian cathedral.
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>> our religions are all the same. we're all descended from abraham, catholics, muslims and jews. there's only the one god. there is the one religion. after, we split apart, but that is a different story. >> most parishioners seem to take the view that the muslim car well is in tune with the time. -- muslim gargoyle is in tune with the time. >> this man says it is excellent because it smooths the way for differences so often talked about between muslims and christians. in uplifting symbol of coexistence. >> that is almost it from this edition of gmt. a reminder of our top story.
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in the last few moments, there's been a major development. the pastor at the center of the storm over the plans to burn copies of the koran on saturday, terry jones, has announced on american television that that plan will not now go ahead. we will be covering that story minute by minute. for now, all i need to tell you is you can watch more coverage on "bbc world news." that is it from this edition of gmt. a very good buy it from everybody on the team -- good bye from everybody on the team. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold. get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert
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>> there is one stage that is the met and carnegie hall. >> o, that this too, too solid flesh -- >> it is the kennedy center -- >> check, one, two. >> and a club in austin. [woman vocalizing] >> it is closer than any seat in the house, no matter where you call home. >> ♪ the top of the world, and i'm there, i'm home ♪ >> pbs -- the great american stage that fits in every living room. your support of pbs brings the arts home. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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>> tang: you know, we cook so much with the palm sugar. would you like to know how they make them? u

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